Your Assistance is Still Needed in Mozambique

Earlier this year, cyclones Idai and Kenneth left hundreds dead, thousands missing, and untold numbers of Mozambicans displaced. With the destruction of crops and cropfields, it also created a humanitarian disaster.

International assistance started streaming in, and the rebuilding process began. Unfortunately, with the rainy season still several months away, and no crops in the fields, the need for humanitarian assistance remains as pressing as ever.

The fact that other stories have taken over the headlines, have not reduced the plight of the people of Mozambique.

RISE fm, in partnership with SuperSPAR The Grove and Dr J Andre Hattingh from Pediatric Care Africa, are reaching out for your assistance.

Please donate any non-perishable foodstuff in the marked donation box situated inside The Grove SuperSPAR.

Let us help our neighbors, as we would help ourselves.


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