Line Up


  • The RISE fm “Get Up & Go” Show with Bono

    RISE fm’s Sports Anchor, Bono, hosts our new inspirational show called “Get Up and Go” between 05h00 and 06h00 every weekend morning.

    The focus of the show is Health & Fitness … Bono himself is a personal trainer and knows that a healthy regime can lead to a better life

    The show is jam packed with features on exercise routines; nutrition, physio; fitness; and how to “look good and feel good”

    A really good reason to wake up early every Sat & Sun morning!

  • RISE fm Weekend Breakfast with Cheeseboy

    We give you lots of good reasons to wake up early on RISE fm and here’s another one: Cheeseboy.

    With his relaxed manner and warm personality you’ll fall in love with Weekend Breakfast.

    Cheese reflects on the week and talks about anything and everything weekend orientated … including things to do in our beautiful province Mpumalanga

  • RISE fm Weekend Daytimes with Sibo

    Having honed her skills overnight in the early days and rapidly progressed through the ranks in the last year Sibo is well set to keep you entertained on Weekend Daytimes.

    Fun loving Sibo loves life, music and poetry and Mpumalanga … and mixes

    Be sure to join in the conversation

    on air and on social media.

  • RISE fm Weekend Evenings with Thabiso

    Thabiso is Mr Music himself, and as RISE fm’s music compiler he has a real and intimate feel for Mpumalanga’s best music.

    Saturday evenings brings you upbeat and energetic music to get you ready for a night out and also has the ever popular Hot 7 @ 7 … featuring the hottest seven songs in Mpumalanga.

    Sunday evenings brings you a more laid back and relaxed playlist as Thabiso keeps you company as the weekend winds down.